New Story August 26 2017
August 23, 2017 -
Keynote Speaker
-Owen Bjorgan
An Enthusiastic young man with a passion for nature and the outdoors.  Born and raised in Niagara on the Lake and a former Rotary Exchange Student to Australia.  He spoke to us about his new business (spring 2017) called Biophilic World Hiking Tours.
 After earning his Bsc. in Biodiversity and trekking and  camping around the world he now  guides tours solely in the Niagara Region,  this includes The Niagara Escarpment, Carolinian Forests, Niagara Wetlands and Shorelines.
 His tours are geared to all ages groups and physical abilities.
 He is a one stop shop now looking after guiding and marketing of tours and will customize to almost any needs/tasks.
 This includes possible winery and brewery stops and prepared meals.
 Highlights were images of all nature found in our backyard, that included waterfalls, forests, beaches and lots of wildlife.
He was thanked by Bob Miller.
Bob Miller-special Citation
A very special citation to Bob Miller was presented at the changeover meeting.  Well deserved for five avenues of service to the Rotary International that Bob has achieved.  District Governor Marlee was on hand to present Bob the citation.  She said it was the only one that she had the honor to present in her year and the district has less than 100 Rotarians that have received this citation  Thanks to Bob family for coming to support Bob and kept it a secret
The last week of June is award time for our Gary Landry Home Reading Program, in memory of Gary Landry, Vic Kovacevich and E.P. Flegg for participating students from Grades 1 to 4.
The following students received the award for the 'Most Improved Reader' as follows: Sainte-Marguerite-Bourgeoys French School Samuel Tindall and Lola Leahey; Port Weller Penny McCafferty and Josh Winkler; Prince of Wales Lily Van Dyk and Meleak Johnson; Assumption Gabby Potts and Denis Hoti.Our Lady of Fatima Alyssa Steward and Cody Nguen and French Immersion Program Evelyn Fijavz and Camilo Pena.
Our heartfelt thanks to all volunteers, principals and staff.
District Governor Award
At the changeover meeting for the District Governor held at the Brantford Golf and Country Club, awards and citations were given out to the 69 clubs in District 7090.  I am proud to announce the Rotary Club of St. Catharines Lakeshore received the District Governor Award along with 100% member retention, pending presidential citation and the Lighthouse Award.  Only one other club, the Rotary Club of Welland, received the Lighthouse award in past years. 
The awards are a combined effort of all club members.  Thanks for a successful rotary year.
From left to right are DG Marlee, Club President Sandi Chard, Member Gary Chard and Assistant Governor Kathy Henry
Paul Harris Fellow
Congratulations to Dave Wilkinson our newest Paul Harris Fellow
Paul Harris Fellow John
Congratulations to our newest Paul Harris Fellow, John Ellison.  John works tirelessly for our club's Gary Landry Home Reading Program.  He also assists the club whenever asked. 
Poem 2017
You might be sick of poems....
                           cause I've been doing them so long
So I thought that for a change.......
                           I might just do a little song
So I pulled out my guitar..........
                           And had a look at the old thing
And what do you know the old guitar..........
                           It had a broken string
So I had another think about it..........
                          While I was at home
And decided that the safe bet was......
                          To just stick with a poem
So the year has gone by once again ..............
                           A great job by Sandi Chard
Some think the job is easy .........................
                           But it's really pretty hard
The second Chard to service on our Club ........
                           In the Presidential Role
There's nothing like a family that gives............
                           Our Club their heart and soul
An interesting year was had by all.............
                            With Sandi at the wheel
She didn't miss a beat and .............
                            All was on an even keel
We started out with meeting .................
                             That would happen every week
Now the 2nd and 4th Wednesday is ...................
                            The schedule that we keep
We've had some ups and downs this year...............
                            Some things were very grim
At Christmas Time we bad farewell ...................
                             To our great friend and member Jim
Our members have worked tirelessly .......
                             As funds were getting tight
With Sandi making sure...............
                             We were doing everything just right
The summer's here and once again ................
                             There's more work to be done
With Ribfest coming up we're sure ....................
                             To keep on having fun
And Loberfest is coming quick ..................
                             Will it be our last one
Or will we blow the roof right off................
                              And make an absolute ton
And so it is the Rotary Year ..................
                              Once more has come and went
And after Sandi's excellent work ...........
                              She'll hand it off to Kent
Ribfest 2017 
Time to sign up for the Ribfest 2017
starting with Thursday August 3 set up at 4 at park the more people the less time it takes
Friday, Saturday, Sunday full shifts needed
Monday until 7 serving and clean up afterwards
Again the more at the park to clean up the faster it gets done.\
This fundraiser requires no selling of tickets to friends, family and strangers just great hard work and social time with rotarians and the community to showcase our great club.  Please try to invite future rotarians to help, friends, partners the more the merrier
We also have a prep team every morning for those that find the music too loud and this team has made the booth run very smoothly the last couple of years
Kent has the sign up sheets you can email him your availability or sign up at club meetings
Kevin Harrison Muscular Dystrophy canada
Muscular Dystrophy Canada is a neural muscle disorder that affects your nerves and muscles  It affects over 50000 Canadians, what people do not realize is that are over 150 types
We thank Kevin Harrison from Muscular Dystrophy Canada for his informational talk
Five Avenues of Service Explained
Rotary Club guiding principles include the Four-Way Test (Truth, Fairness, Goodwill and Friendship)  Other principals involve Rotary's commitment to Service above Self, which is channeled through Five Avenues of Service:  Club, Vocational, Community, International and New Generations.
Club Service works to strengthen fellowship of members through training and hospitably.  Clubs have serious topics to work toward, so having various social events that bring members and their guest informally and for fun, contributes to genuine fellowship
Vocational Service encourages members to serve other people through their vocations, education, skillsets, which encourages high ethical standards
Community Service is exactly what the name implies-projects and activities  each club undertakes to improve community life. 
International Service volunteers work to expand the Rotarians humanitarian work around the world.  This important service promotes understanding and peace, sponsors projects in other countries and works with international partners to support projects in their communities
New Generation Service works to engage youth and young adults in leaderships roles.
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Thurs. Dec. 28th - Marlene Mader and Ellen Wodchis
Fri. Jan. 12th - Emilio Raimondo And ?
Thurs. Jan. 25th - Bob Birrell and Gillian Reed

Bingo volunteers-please contact Mary to fill in the blanks-two needed for each bingo

Reminder you must come in your blue rotary shirt and black pants




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Birthdays & Anniversaries
Member Birthdays
Sandi Chard
August 19
Randi Dyck
August 24
Al Scales
Rose Scales
July 17
Eric Jones
July 19
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Robert Morningstar
August 1, 1993
25 years